Jalle Olsson (Sweden)

From left Pontus Snibb, Jalle Olsson, Micke Nilsson and Håkan Nyberg
Promo photo
Helt OK (2005)

Finally a solo album from Jalle Olsson who - in the world of good music - first and foremost is known as the leader of the Buckaroos. An amazing little rock'n'roll band from Malmö, Sweden, who in April 2009 proudly celebrated their 25th anniversary as a band by playing at the legendary "Continental Club" in glorious Austin Texas. Come to think of it, the label "rock'n'roll" might sound too confined: these guys dabble in New Orleans stuff, in country and rockabilly - and do it having fun! The lineup has changed through the years: only original members by now (May 2009) are the band leader Jarl 'Jalle' Olsson and the bass player Torbjörn 'Todde' Möller. But the attitude never changed, the fun never stopped.

But back to Jalle's solo album "Helt OK": most songs are Jalle's own, sometimes with lyrics furnished by his friends. All songs are sung in Swedish. Jalle does the vocals, also adding some guitar and harp. Two Buckaroos help out on most songs: Pontus Snibb on guitars, Håkan Nyberg on drums. And then there are guests turning up here and there. All in all a nice rocking, bluesy, countryish mix - firmly rooted somewhere in the Swedish soil. A final hint: I do believe the late great Texas musician Doug Sahm would have approved highly!

The Buckaroos have issued quite a few albums (and singles) through the years - all of them on Jalle's own label Box Records. Not solely dedicated to The Buckaroos output the Box catalogue also boasts CDs by a.o. Sir Jay and His Blue Orchestra, the Joe Spinaci Combo - and obviously Jalle Olsson's solo album "Helt OK".