Jacob & the Jackals (Sweden)

Jacob Steinwall vocals/guitar and Sven Andersson bass at Göteborg Blues Party, July 2 2005.
Photo © Vanja Fridhammar
The new album called "Breaking the spell" is now out! The album contains 12 new tracks filled with hard-driving rhythm and smoking slide guitar, produced by Göran Svenningsson and featuring special guests Ulf Sandström, Stefan Dafgård and Jakob Norgren!
Breaking the Spell SEK 99.00
South From Memphis SEK 99.00
Jacob & the Jackals out of print
Playing trio blues convincingly is often difficult, or so it seems to my jaded ears anyway. But these Jackals do it convincingly. I have not caught them on stage that often, but when I have had the luck I have found their music very satisfying, be it in a small bar or in a blues festival setting. Speaking of festivals: these Jackals were on the bill of Göteborg Blues Party in 2005 (pictured above) and instantly became one of the hits of the party. Purveying the sounds of Texas, of T-birds, of Albert Collins, of themselves to the discerning audience. Powerful without being overbearing. And very intense, very focussed.

Apart from his instrumental and vocal prowess, Jacob is also great at connecting with the audience. He always wears beautiful boots, but he does not just stand there, staring down at them...

Furthermore, a good craftsman when it comes to songwriting. Take note: the album "South From Memphis" features originals only. Check out "Pickin' Up The Pieces", Jacob's homage to 'south of Memphis soul'. Good stuff.
"I Can't Hold Out" live - on YouTube