The Instigators (Sweden)

Photo: Jeanette Larsson
Chaka Chaka

The Instigators broke up in April 2004. But the memories of their gigs will linger on forever. Forever.
The Instigators always made me think of the classic Texas outfit The Fabulous Thunderbirds. So did also the Bluebirds, but when the Bluebirds often represented the rock'n'roll side of the T-Birds with an added handful of dirty blues, the Instigators sounded like the exact opposite. The final edition of The Instigators (as featured on "Chaka Chaka") boasted Göran Svenningsson on guitar, vocals, Stefan Dafgård on vocals, harmonica, Magnus Lanshammar on electric and standup bass and Daniel Winerö on drums. This period found the Instigators developing the essence of their sound: a mixture of blues and rock'n' roll with quite a number of original songs. Today (Sept. 2006) you can find Göran in Grapeland, Stefan in Svensson & Dafgård, Magnus in Paul & The Blue Delivery - and Daniel has taken a break from drumming.

Link: The Instigators