Harry Banks (Sweden)

From left: Bengt Blomgren, Johan Johansson, Stefan Bellnäs & Harry Banks
Photo: Detail of album cover, created by Jack McGuinness
Time and Mercy

We are proud to welcome Mr. Harry Banks to our little Mail Order. A true gentleman, originally from Bolton UK but a Swedish resident since 1977. Singer, guitarist, songwriter, bluesman. Previously leader of the Harry Banks Buzzers: a band that released two albums titled "Roots, rocks and the devil's music" (2000) and "A Go-Go" (2002). That was then, this is now.

Today Harry is fronting a quartet: Harry Banks himself on vocals and guitar, Johan Johansson on keyboards, Bengt Blomgren on guitar and Stefan Bellnäs on bass and drums. All true veterans with long tall CV's. Perhaps Bengt 'Bengan' Blomgren, ex-Totta's Bluesband, is the best known of the lot. Still, the line-up can vary at live gigs: Sometimes Harry is the sole guitar player, sometimes Dan Magnusson (Seasick Steve etc.) is added, playing up a storm on a full drum kit.

'Bluesman' - well, Harry is difficult to file. So how does the quartet (sometimes quintet) sound? Like a mix of JJ Cale, Muddy Waters, North Mississippi Allstars and The Doors. Why not?