Half A Grape (Sweden)

Photo © Half A Grape

Life And George  

Definitely one of our favorite bands. Their MySpace page lists influences like Tom Waits, Nat King Cole, JJ Cale, Norah Jones and Kenny Burrell. Feel the vibe? A smoky, jazzy, late-night feeling. But not wallpaper music: let the swing of "Ridiculous Game" (finally on an album, yipee!) grab you, feel the groove - and enjoy the lyrics.

Quoting their MySpace page: "Half A Grape started out as a try-out project to perform only own-written material at the end of 2004. After some time performing Tom Waits songs in a band called Table Top Joe, a gig was booked informing the venue that next time only new-written materials should be played. The songs though, were yet to be written...

Niklas and Roger started to write songs resulting in a mix of gengres, influenced by a number of jazz-, blues-, soul- and rockartists. At this point a drummer joined the band resulting in a setting of Piano/Organ, Double Bass, Guitar, Saxophones and Drums. During the summer of 2007, 15 songs was recorded that has, after almost a year, finally been put on the fist album Life And George. Releaseparty planned for early september -08."