Gumbo (Sweden)

Gumbo at Göteborg Blues Party 2005
Photo: Vanja Fridhammar
Beat Of My Heart (2008)
Everyday Sensation (2004)
All the Time. (2002)
Something of an institution on the Göteborg music scene. Their nifty website says it all:
"Gumbo is one part regular blues and soul and one part blues from "the city that care forgot"; New Orleans, Louisiana. In this great musical and cultural melting pot blues, boogie and R&B meet jazz and are mixed with latin and caribbean beats as well as with funk, soul and rock n' roll.
Gumbo plays the music of Professor "fess" Longhair, Doctor John, Huey "piano" Smith, Fats Domino, James "sugarboy" Crawford, Lee Dorsey, The Meters and others. Mixing this with originals as well as blues classics."
Exactly. But this is a band from Göteborg with double identities. Comes in handy sometimes. One of them is Gumbo. Great band.

The other identity is Uncle Jam. The sleazy kid brother. Plays just as well but is always having a party. Always. You usually find them at popular bars along the Swedish west coast in the summertime, playing for a merrily dancing and beerdrinking crowd. Reeling off sweaty rock classics like there is no tomorrow. You gotta be there!