Grapeland (Sweden)

Live at the release party 2005: Olle left, Göran right.
Photo: Vanja Fridhammar
Reality Show
Grapeland gave a release party for their debut CD "Reality Show" at Pustervik in Göteborg on Nov. 19 2005. Grapeland is basically a duo of Göran Svenningsson & Olle Schelander on vocals/guitars, but on stage this evening - and on the CD as well - they boast Bengt Bygren on keyboards and Daniel Winerö on drums. Plus this very evening one Mr. Ulf Widlund on bass.

If you study Grapeland's elegant website you will find out that a common love for The Band, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Steve Earle, Beatles, ELO and Flaming Lips brought these two ex-Remedies (Olle) and ex-Instigators (Göran) together. So now you know exactly how they sound! Anyway, 'melodic' and 'powerful' were definitively the words to use, 'Americana' could probably also be applied as a handy label. Sometimes straight pumping guitar rock, sometimes softer ballads with a pure sound. Originals only, mainly penned by Olle. In case you have followed Olle's track record as a songwriter, from The Remedies via his amazing song demos to Grapeland of today you will know that you as a listener are in safe and gifted hands.

Ripping guitars for sure, but not that many lengthy guitar solos. The focus was very much on songs and vocals. Great lead vocals from Olle of course, and Göran doing that precise harmony thing. Which also applies to the CD which I immediately purchased. It mirrored the gig exactly (well, it must be the other way around?), and is warmly recommended as a gift to that rock nerd who thinks that he has heard it all!

Link: Grapeland