The Friday Night Preachers (Sweden)

Promo shot © bandet
Bringing Back The Prodigal Sound

Their MySpace page tells all:
"The Friday Night Preachers is five guys from the small town Skövde in the middle of Sweden. In the backcountry they live a simple life and plays the music that they’ve grown up with, the soundtrack of their lives, music they just can’t stop loving. They play a straightforward and timeless rock, unconcerned of the musical trends of today that shifts from one day to another. The band started of in 2003 and got their debut 2005 with the EP This salvation is for you. They rehearse and record in Strawberry Studio, a studio focusing on classical rock sound by only using old vintage instruments. In 2007 Strawberry Studio also became a record company with The Friday Night Preachers full-length album as their first release. The band did the entire recording and mixing themselves and named it Bringing back the prodigal sound; A record without a single dead second, with brilliant and sparkling guitar solos, lead by Jonas Pehrson’s energetic rock-soul-type of vocals. Bringing back the prodigal sound is about surviving the everyday-life drabness. Cause rock n’ roll has always been about waking our monotonous weekdays up from its sleep. It’s always been the soundtrack of simplicity. And sprung from the classical rock n’ roll roots, such as Roky Ericson and Rolling Stones, the Friday Night Preachers is rock n’ roll."