Freddie Nystrom Power Trio (Sweden)

P-O, Freddie & Kent. Photography: Anders Carlsson, CMP
Get Your Kicks (2014)
Bad Boy Boogie (2014)
Airborn (2013)

Quotes from the band's website

Freddie Nystrom - Guitar & Vocals
Gunnar Kungur - Bass & Vocals
P-O Hesselbom - Drums

Blues Rock Experience!
Freddie Nystrom Power Trio is a well-liked and popular live band with a genuine individual and personal expression. Freddie has a well developed style and sound of his own. His expression is easily identifiable and cohesive at the same time it is a complex mix of his influences. With highly competent fellow musicians who all live out and play their very best this band delivers - from catchy blues rock through expressionistic solo excursions to moody power ballad and painful slow blues. This is a band who have fun together - it shows both on stage and in the audience ...!

Freddie - short bio.
I got my first electric guitar in 1984. It was wood colored, built in Korea, and really stylish. My biggest idols were Ritchie Blackmore in the newly reunited Deep Purple, ZZ Top with Billy Gibbons, who just released Eliminator and Gary Moore who just released the live album We Want Moore. Ronnie James Dio´s Holy Diver was also released around this time. I also had a copy of Jimi Hendrix's Smash Hits. Some friends' big brothers broadened my horizons further to places such as MSG, Thin Lizzy, Zeno and others Around this time Stevie Ray Vaughan released Texas Flood, although it took a while before I bought it and slid into the blues.

After reading American Guitar Player (which I bicycled a long way to buy once a month), I started to back track and discovered my idols role models. Here were, among others BB King, Otis Rush, Freddie King, Albert King, Johnny Winter, Clapton and Cream, etc. Santana also came into the picture with Latin rock and through Santana and the Dorian scale, I came into jazz (Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, Dexter Gordon, John Coltrane, Wayne Shorter, Joe Pass, Jimmy Raney and others). Later we have Robin Trower, Mountain with Leslie West. I have also listened to Lemmy, Angus Young of early AC / DC, Van Halen and Joe Satriani and many more ...

Guitars, I had a white Ibanez with tremolo, then a (Yngwie) yellow strat with a big head and then a 335. Later I tried everything from hollowbodies, shark fin Jackson, Les Paul and SG. SG, Les Paul and Strat are my favorites - but SG is number 1. I've had all sorts of amps and a bunch of pedals from more or less well-known manufacturers.

So with one leg in rock, one leg at a blues and a little excursion to jazz, I started to find my thing in Blues Rock.