Frankie King & The Blue Spots (Sweden)

Photos from the CD booklet

Cut and pasted from the band's MySpace page:
"Frank "Frankie King" Sjöström - Guitar & Vocals / Kjell "Thunder" Axelsson - Bass / Björn "Dr. Gung - Kroppy" Ekblom - Drums Yeah!"

"We are now in the final stages of completing our new CD, which will contain 13 original songs, written by Frankie King, and all with swedish lyrics. We will put up new songs as soon as... Apart from playing original "King-stuff" we also do covers from bands and artists like: ZZ-Top, Johnny Winter, Albert King, Taj Mahal, The Fab. T-Birds, John Mayall a.o. After an extended vacation we got back together again in Januari of 2008, and here we are, the third incarnation of the Band!"

"FINALLY: Our new CD "Järnhimmel" is now finally finished and ready to meet the World. All songs on our Myspace site are from the new album. It contains 16 original Frankie King tracks, all with swedish lyrics!"

PS: if you have seen and heard the US blues vocalist Kellie Rucker on tour in Sweden I am sure you have noted her energetic drummer! Yep, this is Mr. Ekblom himself!