Flamman (Sweden)

Promo photo: Rose-Marie Westling
Surprising Sun

Pictured above, a Göteborg trio bursting with talent:
Per Westling - Vocal & Guitars (right)
Johan Håkansson - Drums & Vocal (middle)
Nikke Ström - Bass (left)

For several years Per 'Flamman' Westling has been one of my guitar heroes on the Göteborg live scene. Following him around from stage to stage, admiring his spirited six string work with very disparate outfits you notice the two assets making him a most coveted sideman: Versatility & Talent.

I have regularly seen Per with
Dan Viktor (also feat. Johan) - an acerbic yet charming singer/songwriter with a number of impressive CD's to his credit.
The BOB (also feat. Johan & Nikke) - a Bob Dylan tribute band effectively transcending the cover band trap.
Debbie’s Wife (also feat. Johan & Nikke) - fronted by powerful singer/actor Peppe Carlsson, this band grabs well worn hits & misses by the neck, shakes them and breaks them and produces great music in the process.
Uncle Jam Tribute To Elvis - where Per get to display his knowledge of the Scotty Moore/James Burton school of guitaring.

And now, finally:
Flamman - his own band, his own songs, his own vocals. Well worth waiting for.

Quotes from Red Top Recordings' website:
"After years in the background with his guitar, Per "Flamman" Westling finally takes the step forward as singer/songwriter and guitarist in his own band Flamman. In the company of Flamman we travel to an American rock and roll landscape, with people like Neil Young and Tom Petty lurking about at the backroads, while some lighter pop melodies are blowing around in the dusty wind. Members in the band are long time companion Johan Håkansson on drums and legendary bass player Nikke Ström, with whom the band leader enjoyed a "musical love at first sight experience" when they met a couple of years ago. Together they form a dynamic trio, taking the songs from the songwriter's bedroom recordings out into the great wide open. After a few local Gothenburg gigs Flamman are now ready to meet the big audience. On their new album Surprising Sun and on stage. Enjoy!"

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