Dominators (Sweden)

From left Paul Epäilys, Stefan Dafgård, Jan-Olov Husmo and Jan Nordstrand
Promotion photo by Lars Lanhed
Rough Ride
The story of the Dominators unfolds something like this: vocalist/harp player Stefan Dafgård bumped into guitar player Paul 'Palle' Epäilys and drummer Jan Nordstrand at a Red Devils (yep, Lester Butler's scorching outfit) concert somewhere in Sweden. Palle & Jan were sorely in need of a singer - their brand new band listed only the two of them at that stage - and since Stefan luckily was wearing a Sun Records T-shirt that day he seemed like a good prospect. Rehearsals started, and then a bass player, Jan-Olov Husmo, was added. Dominators developed by leaps and bounds and performed at prestige stages such as Mönsterås Blues Festival. Their sound was characteristic: a mixture of blues and rockabilly. Not so odd since Stefan came from a stone blues scene and the three other guys used to play rockabilly.

The band lasted 1994 - 1997. Jan Nordstrand was tragically killed in an accident in 1997 and the band stopped working. However, a later recording does exist: in 1998 the Dominators recorded the track "Boogie In The Park" for Jefferson Blues Magazine's compilation CD "All That Blues From Sweden, Vol. 2" with Jim Ingvarsson (The Instigators, Bluebirds) in the drum chair.

The Dominators proved to be fertile ground for good music - and good musicians. Stefan Dafgård went on to The Instigators and later on to the duo Svensson & Dafgård. Palle Epäilys reverted to his rockabilly roots and is today (2007) leader of the powerful Cyclones trio. Jan-Olov Husmo played stand up bass in Paul & The Blue Delivery and Harry Banks Buzzers, but moved westwards to Norway and started gigging with U.S. guitar player and singer Seasick Steve (Steven Wold).
Snapshots from the Dominators' history!