Blue Sky Forever (Sweden)

Lars Norén left, Tomas Larsson right.
Photo: Monica Larsson

About Blue Sky Forever
New record "One" on the label April 2 2008. Can also be heard on Various Artists - Rockin' At The Barn Vol. 5 (Dusty Records)

Blue Sky Forever began a long time ago when the two main members met at the start of another musical saga. That band eventually vanished up in smoke but the torch was lit. One day, when the years and other musical adventures had passed, Tomas found an old cassette recording of demos and decided to contact Lars. The plan was to do a single gig at a local bar where you could play on the door. Well, that became the beginning of a new project where one of the main inspirational words became "country". The mutual admiration of the directness and the deceptive simpleness of that musical genre became a polestar that guided the ship. Soon began a destillation of the songs Lars wrote and out of that process an album materialized. Tomas got hold of one of those modern computerized recording studios that allow you to record your music at home. He recorded, arranged and played various instruments and asked some of his musical friends to add different sound colours to the songs. Finally he produced the album. Unless you are using a very broad defintion of country the final result can hardly be characterized as pure country. Hopefully though the spirit of that music genre is to be found somewhere in the cracks. Anyway one of the old songs from the demo ended up on the album in the company of ten other compositons. The record is now released on the label April 2. Find your way to it!
Quoted from the band's MySpace webpage.