Bjurman (Sweden)

Ola Bjurman on stage, Göteborg 2005. Photo © Vanja Fridhammar

New CD issued in December 2008:
"Fogerty Files"
A personal tribute to the songwriting of John Fogerty
Fogerty Files
Be For Real
Slowstarter (1998)
with Bengt Blomgren, Nikke Ström & Tomas Olsson
will turn up here
Ola Bjurman is a powerful vocalist/guitarist who sounds as if he was born and raised somewhere in the southern US. Which he is not: his roots are in the city of Borlänge in the county of Dalarna, way up north from Stockholm. His musical roots on the other hand are firmly settled in the US blues. And in the blue(s)tinted music of masters like Bob Dylan, J.J. Cale and John Prine. Which you also can gather listening to his strong original songs.

Bjurman has three albums under his belt so far: "Be For Real" from 1996, "Slowstarter" from 1998 and the John Fogerty tribute "Fogerty Files" issued in 2008. The first one featuring musicians like the guitar player Clas Yngström (Sweden's Jimi Hendrix?) of the Sky High trio plus other seasoned players with merits from the bands of Björn Afzelius a.o. The second album was recorded in Göteborg with guitar ace Bengt Blomgren, bassman Nikke Ström & drummer Tomas Olsson. The 3rd one is arranged and produced by longstanding friend Peter O Ekberg, who also contributes the excellent guitar playing.

The city of Göteborg is Bjurman's musical base of today. Early on he came into contact with the family of players featured in Totta's Bluesband: the 'elder statesmen' of Göteborg's various blues outfits. And when you find him on stage today he is in all likelihood surrounded by stalwart musicians from that family. Good choices.
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