Big Joe Louis & His Blues Kings (Great Britain)

Big Joe Louis (left) with Paul Alfredsson of Paul & the Blue Delivery at Göteborg Blues Party 2006
Photo: Vanja Fridhammar
Big Sixteen
Big Joe Louis & His Blues Kings
I met Big Joe Louis in the summer of 1998 at the London blues pub The Station Tavern. We had been in mail contact for a few months and finally our roads crossed. It was a marvelous gig: BJL is a superb vocalist who this time shared the microphone with the gifted Little George Sueref. A great gig, a great place (sadly defunct as a music scene nowadays) and me & BJL hit it off and have kept in frequent contact throughout the years. Fortunately he has done some Swedish tours now and then, doing club gigs and blues festivals in places like Åmål and Göteborg. Engaging audience rapport, well written original material, always solid playing by solid players, be it British or Swedish blues stalwarts.

I fell in love with British blues of the wailing lead guitar variety when I caught Fleetwood Mac live on stage in 1968. A strong memory, I still love that stuff, but BJL represents something else: a Chicago styled blues with roots in the 40's and 50's. The focus is on the vocals and the lyrics: the guitar playing (although impressive) has more of a supportive role.

As of today only these two CD's are available: BJL has always preferred live gigs to recording sessions. But lately he has begun talking about a new CD...
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