Benyam Lemma
Benyam & The Bullydrops (Sweden)

From the CD booklet of "For The Love In My Neighbor's Eye"
Guiding Light (2011)
For The Love In My Neighbor's Eye (2009)
From his website:
"Benyam Lemma is a swedish artist born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He started playing music as a teenager. In 2004 he formed the band Benyam & the Bullydrops together with David Bäck, Mats Eriksson Anders Bäck, Fredrik Kjällgren-Wallin and Erik Bodin.

In 2009 they released the album for the Love In My Neighbor’s Eye, with ten songs written by Benyam. The band attracted followers who fell for the personal blend of pop-, rock- and soulmusic.

2011 will see Benyam go solo with the release of the album, Guiding Light. If you like songs that linger and albums that become companions - then this one should be right up your alley. With contributions from great musicians and friends the album moves through pop and rock landscapes adding blends of soul and glimpses of funk. Harriet Ohlsson (Oh, Harry) joins in on the first single In Time, a lazy and laid back tune about knowing when to rest and when to get into the groove. Guiding Light is released on October 27 2011."

(on Bäck Brothers and the Thursday sessions at the St. George)