Angela Hacker (USA)

Photo © Angela Hacker

Angela Hacker
Angela Hacker is a singer/songwriter from Florence, Alabama whom I was tipped off to in 2005 by record producer Jimmy Nutt in Muscle Shoals. He gave me a copy of the CD above, but I did not have a chance to see her perform live until June 2006 when we came across her in a small bar in Sheffield, AL, backing herself up on an acoustic guitar. She was so good, with a very attractive voice and very strong original material. Sometimes she reminded me of one of my Swedish favourites, Anna-Lena Winter (check her out!). Something about the voice, about the song progressions.

The "Angela Hacker" CD, recorded in 2005, features five of her original songs. Two of them are co-written with other musicians: "Off" with Kevin Rye
and "Saturated" with Scott Boyer III.

Back to Angela's CD. Five well written songs recorded with diverse backup approaches: From a lighter pop/rock sound (traces of The Pretenders?) to beefy rock. Acoustic guitar or pedal to the metal. Both sounds suit her very well: personally I go for the lighter end of the spectrum. It is all a matter of taste.

As far as I know this is all that Angela has put down on record. This is about to change very soon: Early 2007 Angela was one of the candidates of the TV show "Nashville Star": Nashville's own version of "American Idol". And WON - with her kid brother Zach in 2nd place. A Warner record contract is in the offing.