The Al Tehler Blues Band (Sweden)

Photo: Vanja Fridhammar
The Al Tehler Blues Band

Al Tehler has been leading the Göteborg-based The Al Tehler Blues Band for many years: one of Sweden's most established bands in the blue genre. Although the lineup has varied through the years it has always featured a strong vocalist, a horn section and - of course - Al's guitar playing, often characterized as being in a B.B. King mould. Al is a guitarist of renown with a vocal and melodic way of playing, built on stringbending and blue notes, dynamics and drama.

Al started out playing the piano as a boy. Then he heard the album John Mayall's Bluesbreakers featuring Eric Clapton (the "Beano album") in 1966 and was stuck. He has played a lot of Scandinavian festivals, clubs and bars through the years and has had the opportunity to jam with Albert King. He has not completely discarded the piano: He is still heard tickling the ivories now and then guesting with some band in a late night bar. He used to be the pianoplayer in the Göteborg band Road Dust 1978 - 1981 and I have heard some tapes. Impressive stuff!

Al Tehler has racked up two CD's in his own name so far:
Al's Blues Band: "R&B" CDS 9611 (1996)
The Al Tehler Blues Band: "The Al Tehler Blues Band" BLAZE CD 108 (2000)

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