Big Jack Johnson
Dig that sparkling guitar and that righteous Hawaiian shirt - looks like The Oilman is into surf music!

No way - this IS the blues. And I enjoyed his set hugely: a mixture of downhome stuff, piercing guitar blues and sweet soul. One of the best acts of the Fest the audience mumbled.

"Johnson's performances are always high-energy, often drawing crowd reactions from ear-splitting standing ovations and encore requests to awestruck, jaw-dropping silence. Subsequent recordings for MC Records includes 1998's "All The Way Back" and 2000's "Roots Stew", which have further established him as a tour-de-force, a virtual nuclear reactor of raw blues energy. If Big Jack Johnson's performance was an electrical generator, it could produce enough wattage to light the entire state of Mississippi."
Says Chuck Winans on his Portraits In Performance Photography website.

Well put.